Record management should fit into the work flow, not interupt it.

Records List
  • Record table provides search and act lists that make locating and acting on records quick and easy.
  • Each equipment record is listed with the information you need to know where it is, and what attention it needs.
Records List
  • Forms come to you as pop-ups so you don't loose your place and have to search the page again.
  • Preferences allow you to set common values so forms come prefilled requiring only the unique properties for each action or equipment.
  • Want to know who made that last change? We track that too.
Records List
  • Forms are task oriented so you can click the right box or edit the right field without searching through a long form.
Records List
  • Want to know what equipment is nearing expiration or confidnece testing? We have reports for that.
  • Upcoming hydro dates are reported by month and year so you can budget time and money before it happens.
  • Upcoming cylinder expirations are also reported by month and year. Because it's not fun to replace 130 cylinders you didn't know were coming due.

Fill Station Logging

  • Scan RFID tags to check cylinders prior to filling them.
  • Log cylinder fills.
  • Identify where a cylinder was last filled.

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